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Sales Archive

“Dear Younger Me…” – 5 Things I wish I knew as a young Sales Professional

I was driving and listening to the radio (KLOVE) when a song by Mercy Me started. It gripped me from the opening line. “Dear younger me, where do I start?…”The song itself is powerful and it made a lasting impression on me because it made me think. I’m 30 years out of high school and […]

Why do so many salespeople love to fish?

There is little doubt in my mind that if you have been in sales for any period of time you have heard the analogies or metaphors relating “prospecting” and “selling” to the sport of “fishing.”

Three levels of persuasive conversations

Why does everyone think the best salesperson is always the best “talker?” It’s as if that is the only skill needed to be a good salesperson? In my 18 years of experience in sales and sales management, I have not found that to be true. Some of the successful salespeople I have observed were good talkers, but oftentimes, they were not the best speakers. In fact, the most successful salespeople I have met were not the best talkers at all. They held a much more valuable selling skill, persuasive questioning.

“1,000 Hands”

As a sales manager, do you want to know the absolute worst thing I’ve ever heard from a current customer? “I see your competitors more than I see you.” That hurts. That’s also an eye opener. Why is it that when a sales person is pursuing a new opportunity or customer, they apply the tender loving care that all customers crave?

iSpeak Webinar: 5 Questions You Need To Ask Before You Buy

“iSpeak delivered one of the Top 10 Best Classes I have ever taken in my 30-year career.  The workshop had: 1) Good structure, 2) Excellent tools to deliver effective training content, 3) Able to develop practical content during class, 4) excellent skilled instructor.” – Tom Hardy, Exterran Nothing improves until something changes, but changing to […]

Socrates should have been a salesman!

Why is it that Socrates is regarded as one of the greatest teachers of all time? Did he understand the importance of engaging his students into the problem solving? Was it his amazing ability to have the students take ownership of the problem by creating their own solution? Did his guidance with questions lead the students to their own conclusions? Did Socrates understand that when a student took ownership of the problem and the resolution, they were more likely to understand and retain that knowledge?

What can you accomplish in 9-minutes?

After a presentation many of us have said, “There was a lot of information that just wasn’t necessary.” Research conducted by Opinion Matters for Epson and supported by the Centre for Economics and Business Research found that workers waste two hours and 39 minutes in meetings every week. Parkinson’s Law is the culprit for this […]

Are you really listening to your customers?

Effectively listening to your customers will give them the feeling that they are important; it will also tell them that you are appreciative of their business. Every customer, as much as they may know they are not your only customer, wants to feel like they are. When was the last time you did not want to feel special?

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