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The ability to communicate ideas and influence others through public presentations is consistently ranked as a top quality sought by executives today. Become a polished, persuasive public speaker!

Business Presentations

Within the first hour of this interactive class, you will be on your feet presenting, receiving feedback, and learning how to handle anxiety. This class covers writing and delivering a presentation from beginning to end, with a focus on how to write engaging openings and powerful closings. Whether you regularly present operational reviews, make proposals, communicate to clients, or motivate entire teams, iSpeak's Business Presentations will teach you to quickly gain attention, build credibility, and deliver your message with skill using the iSpeak Process for Presenting. Wonder how the audience sees you? You’ll have the answer because you will leave with a mini-DVD video of your presentations and the live coaching you will receive.

Engaging Audiences

You’ve already learned a process for developing presentations that doesn’t start with launching PowerPoint. Now, you want to bring the dry facts of your presentation to life and work on translating your plain data into exciting and memorable information. Engaging Audiences moves beyond the overall process and structure of a presentation and dives deeply into how to illustrate your main points. In this workshop, you will work on one of your work presentations to elaborate your points by using devices such as metaphors, audience involvement, visuals, and comparisons. You will also develop the four key stories every leader should be able to tell to move an audience to action. You’ll leave with a mini-DVD video of your progress and will receive live-coaching to polish any rough edges.

Facilitation Skills

Have you been asked to step into the role of an instructor without formal training? Or maybe it’s been a while since you have revisited the principles of adult learning and polished your classroom delivery skills. This class covers topics such as the four types of trainers, maintaining control of the classroom, the four levels of learning, using visual aids, handling challenging students, and designing activities to support your content. Facilitation Skills participants will leave class with a DVD of their classroom training presentations.

Call Us Today: 512-671-6711
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