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Sales Professionals

Sales Discovery™

The ability to provide value to a prospect is vital to achieving success in sales. The iSpeak Sales Discovery™ workshop serves as the precursor to Corporate Ovations and presenting. Before a Sales Professional can deliver a proposal presentation, there is a discovery process required to gather the information needed for the presentation. Through questioning to understand the customer’s needs and decision criteria for an opportunity, a proposal will be positioned well for success. With persuasion and communication techniques to address difficult questions, the sales professional can improve the odds of winning an opportunity. At the end of class, you will have used a discovery process for gathering needs and decision criteria, then delivered an aligned sales presentation to your customer to close the deal.

Sales Presentations

Sales professionals not only propose solutions in a one-on-one meeting, they will also present their solution to a group. Learn effective methods for both types in this workshop. Within the first hour of this interactive class, you will be on your feet presenting, receiving feedback, and learning how to handle anxiety. This class covers writing and delivering a presentation from beginning to end, with a focus on how to write engaging openings and powerful closings. iSpeak’s Sales Presentations will teach you how to quickly gain attention, build credibility, and deliver a persuasive message by using the Corporate Ovations Process. Wonder how the audience sees you? You’ll have the answer when you leave with your video-recorded presentations. This workshop is delivered by a seasoned speaker and experienced sales professional who provides live coaching and feedback.

Sales Influence™

Every part of your sales process includes communication to create movement to the next phase. Your customers and prospects want to make the best decisions for their companies. As a professional salesperson, it is in your best interest to know how to communicate to help create that movement. Influence is quite noble because it creates movement to benefit the customer.
The dark side of influence is focused on selfish goals at the expense of the customer. That is called manipulation and it’s wrong.  Learn how to use influence communication techniques to create collaborative wins with your customers.

Call Us Today: 512-671-6711
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