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Leader Presence™

Leaders move teams. More than any other role in business, leaders must not only be persuasive and informing, they must also be inspiring if they expect to take followers to a better place. Because leaders stay focused on the specific needs of their team, Leader Presence™ stays focused on applying new communication skills to their specific skills and projects. This is done through personal coaching and personalized development exercises.

This program can be customized logistically to fit your leader's specific development timeframes. iSpeak has worked with many organizations to assist in leader development. From one-on-one coaching for executives to delivering leader presence workshops for your next group of leaders in a High-Potential Leader Development program. Each leader will work on specific projects, presentations and personal delivery skills. All presentations are video recorded for the attendees.

Leader One-on-One Coaching

Workshops provide excellent laboratories to learn new techniques and try them. After the workshop, one-on-one coaching delivers the best method for personalized continuous improvement. iSpeak's coaches will work with you on your specific projects and needs.  Coaching sessions will be held at the location of your choosing. Each session is recommended for 2-3 hours.

Call Us Today: 512-671-6711
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