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Sand Dollar Story

This story illustrates how everyone at iSpeak feels about educating adults and helping people reach their goals.

It Makes a Difference

iSpeak Sand Dollar Story

A grandfather and his grandson were taking a sunset stroll along the Texas beach, watching the waves roll in and the tide roll out.

Every once in a while, Grandpa would pause and take in a cleansing breath of ocean air as he picked up a sand dollar at his feet and tossed it back into the ocean. Then he would take his grandson’s hand, and they would continue walking down the beach.

After a few more paces, Grandpa paused again and reached for another sand dollar. His grandson Ethan was finally intrigued enough to tug on his grandpa’s arm, “Grandpa... what are you doing?” Grandpa picked up a sand dollar in his hand and showed it to the young boy.

Then, in a knowing voice, weathered by age but filled with experience, Grandpa explained, “Ethan, these sand dollars are alive. They’ve been washed up here on the shore by the high tide, but now they’re stranded. They can’t make it all the way back to the water on their own and they need our help. If they don’t get back into the water soon, well... they’re going to die.”

As they continued their sunset walk, Grandpa paused yet again to pick up another sand dollar. With a curious look on his face, Ethan pulled at his Grandpa’s arm one more time. “Grandpa, there’s a lot of sand dollars on this beach. You really think what you’re doing is gonna make a difference?”

Grandpa paused and looked deep into his grandson’s eyes. In silence, Grandpa looked down at the sand dollar in his hand. His gaze migrated from the sand dollar back to Ethan's eyes. When their eyes met, Grandpa’s face slowly beamed with a radiant smile as he tossed the sand dollar out into the safety of the water.

Grandpa turned back to Ethan with a caring smile and asked, “We made a difference for that one... didn’t we, Ethan?”

See how iSpeak makes a difference in the community.

Call Us Today: 512-671-6711
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