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Need a professional speaker who can inspire while making relevant points? iSpeak’s qualified speakers will leave your audience informed, inspired, and ready to improve!

Find a Keynote Speaker with Experience

Various Keynote Speakers

Speaker Knowledge

According to a poll by the National Speakers Association, 77% of all keynote speakers hired were sought out because they were experts in their industry. Our Keynote Speakers are all educators in their respective fields. iSpeak Professional Speakers are also published authors. They have dedicated their lives to their own professional development through structured learning and industry experience.

Speaker Experience

iSpeak speakers are not just book-smart, they come with real world experience. Our facilitators have delivered speeches to audiences around the globe, including Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Canada, Scotland, Amsterdam, Romania, Italy, Germany, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Panama and across the United States. With an average of 20 years of industry and business experience, iSpeak keynote speakers utilize practical, real world examples from their own lives and business experience to reinforce the educational and motivational material. As speakers, facilitators, and instructors, iSpeak educators have helped individuals attain greater success at many corporations, hospitals, clubs, organizations, churches and schools, and have consistently received rave reviews and comments regarding their capabilities on the stage and their professionalism off.

Speaker Charisma

How many times have you attended an event with a keynote speaker of notable knowledge and left feeling less than enthused? Or when was the last time a speaker with years of experience left you more confused than when you walked in? It is no secret that great knowledge and years of industry experience do not qualify an individual to be a Keynote Speaker. Attendees want to feel inspired about their event and it takes a special type of stage presence, energy, and charisma to make sure that no one is let down. All iSpeak Speakers have years of experience and training as speakers. They have spoken to thousands of individuals over the years in groups both large and small.

Keynote Topics

iSpeak facilitators have delivered many different types of speeches to many different types of audiences. Every presentation is customized to meet the objectives of your organization. Below are a few of the most popular keynote programs we have delivered.

  • Great Leaders have Purpose, Priorities, and Persistence
    Great leaders are made, not born. A great leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. Learn how having a purpose (knowing what you want), setting priorities (organizing your day), and being persistent (never quitting), will help you become a more effective manager, coach and leader. Learn how these skills can increase the motivation, performance, productivity, inspiration, and commitment to your organization. (30 minutes)
  • The Three Principles of Commitment - Head, Heart and Hands
    Commitment enables success.  As much as we may all agree with that simple formula, why don’t more of us do it?  Why do 75% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the end of January?  While we all want to stay committed to our goals, it is difficult to do.  To find greater success we need to take a closer look at “how” to stay committed. In this educational and entertaining session Russ Peterson shares the three required ingredients for you to reach success through total commitment. (30 minutes)
  • Cut the C.R.A.P. and Make the Sale
    Speaking from over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and successful sales professional, Russ Peterson shares a proven psychological methodology to overcome your problems with professional selling techniques. From his book, Cut the C.R.A.P. and Make the Sale, Russ helps identify internal selling deterrents (Catastrophizing, Rationalizing, Agonizing, and Procrastinating) so you are better prepared for sales success. Participants will learn proven techniques and processes that are used by the truly successful salespeople. (30 minutes)
  • The Three C's of Successful Sales Professionals
    Russ Peterson draws from his professional selling experience over the past 20 years to define the three elements of success for a sales professional, Curiosity, Communication and Commitment.  Through inspirational stories and real-world examples learn from Russ how to implement these skills in your own selling career to achieve personal success. Russ will also challenge you to make the commitments necessary to achieve these goals.  As Russ points out... sales training is a complete waste of time... if you don't implement what you learn! (30 minutes)
  • Communicate Effectively Visually, Vocally, and Verbally
    Effective communication involves three channels of communication called visual, verbal, and vocal.  In other words, what you say, how you say it and your body language when you deliver it.  All three channels will send their most powerful messages when they are sending the same message.  How can you improve your communication to audiences large and small in each of these three areas?  Learn proven tools and techniques from professional speakers to improve your communication skills in this one hour session. (90 minutes)
  • Sticks and Stones - Words Hurt Too
    Leaders make a difference. That difference can be an asset or a liability. A manager needs to alter their leadership and communication style depending on the person they are dealing with and the situation they are in.  In this breakout session, participants will understand common employee dilemmas, the styles of communication, and learn how to teach others not only how to recognize another person’s communication style but how to flex their own to effectively communicate. (90 minutes)

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Call Us Today: 512-671-6711
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