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How to Make Your Stories More Visual

Patricia Fripp once said to me, “Craig, people will not remember what you say as much as they will remember what they see when you say it.” In other words, we have to make our speeches very visual in order to have the deepest impact. Here are 3 ways to accomplish this: 1) Put your […]

Eliminating the Eye-Chart

“Visuals should be used to enhance an audience’s understanding of a concept, not used as cue cards.” – William Kreiger I am sitting in an elementary school lunch room with several dozen other parents listening to the Parent Teacher Association give an accounting of the previous year’s projects and expenses.  Like most presentations, this one […]

Death by Coconut

We hear a lot about “Death by PowerPoint” (a business phenomenon caused by poor design and delivery of slides). However, in the last 50 years, there are more documented deaths (8) that occurred from coconuts falling from trees and striking people on the head, than people dying during a PowerPoint presentation (0). Maybe we should […]

Part 3 of 3: How to Turn Your Presence into LEADER Presence

“How is leader presence any different from normal presence?” My student asked this question immediately after I defined the two elements that make up a first impression; your perceived confidence and your approachability. My student persisted with a follow up question before I could even respond, “I mean, isn’t your presence just these two things, […]

Blank Slide Syndrome

Tomorrow you are presenting an overview of the project you are working on to the entire department. You blame your workload as the reason you procrastinated until the last minute to start preparing for the presentation. You open the company PowerPoint template, choose File/Save As, name your presentation, and begin your masterpiece. The title slide […]

Four questions to answer before speaking to any audience

It was “Meet the Teacher Night” at the High School for my wife and I before the school year started.  My son was an incoming freshman this year.  My wife and I made our rounds from one classroom to another, following my son’s new class schedule.  We were excited for him starting this next chapter in his […]

Lasting Impressions for Presentation Endings

The last thing you say just might be the most remembered; therefore, the closing is probably the most crucial factor of a presentation. Is it okay to end with a question and answer session? Should you end with a good story? Should you just smile and sit down? Learn how to close your presentation using a proven formula that will help your audience remember what your delivered.

CABA can answer the WAILs of your Audience

“The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.” – George Jessel Tomorrow is the big presentation in front of your boss. You just put the final touches on some magnificent PowerPoint slides and now it’s time to think about how you will […]

Poor presentations in meetings are costing you serious money

How much do poor meetings actually cost an organization? While this number will be different for every company, we looked into the research… and the numbers might surprise you! A study conducted by Bain Capital showed that one Executive Briefing meeting at a Fortune 500 company consumed 300,000 hours of time in a single year. Another […]

Fear Factor

“If you are prepared you will not fear.” When I first heard the saying, “If you are prepared you will not fear”, I thought it was the answer to all causes of concern and fear.  Yet, we continue to observe situations like the following: A senior manager briskly moves to the front of the room […]

iSpeak Webinar – Corporate Storytelling: How to inspire with a story

“Corporate Ovations thoroughly covers it from A to Z if you want to learn to give an effective presentation. You’ll find lots of great ideas to make you a more powerful communicator. It will teach you to put the audience first and that will help make you a first-class speaker.” – Mark Sanborn, Award winning […]

What can you accomplish in 9-minutes?

After a presentation many of us have said, “There was a lot of information that just wasn’t necessary.” Research conducted by Opinion Matters for Epson and supported by the Centre for Economics and Business Research found that workers waste two hours and 39 minutes in meetings every week. Parkinson’s Law is the culprit for this […]

Authors Use Global Experience to Create the Roadmap for Better Business Presentations

“Russ and Kevin share powerful principles for delivering outstanding presentations. When you read this book, you’ll never approach presentations the same way. I highly recommend it!” – Jon Gordon, Best-selling Author of The Energy Bus and The Seed Russ Peterson Jr. and Kevin Karschnik introduce us to the three presentation killers and the one truth […]

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