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Customer Service Archive

The Best You Can Be

There is no graduation date for a business professional. Success begins with a commitment to continuous improvement and an expectation of accomplishment. Information, combined with Inspiration and Implementation will lead to Improvement. How do you move from knowing to applying? How can you shift from willing to doing? How can you make certain that you are consistently improving your abilities?

“1,000 Hands”

As a sales manager, do you want to know the absolute worst thing I’ve ever heard from a current customer? “I see your competitors more than I see you.” That hurts. That’s also an eye opener. Why is it that when a sales person is pursuing a new opportunity or customer, they apply the tender loving care that all customers crave?

Understanding the job to be done

We often think we understand what must be done to achieve success; yet many times we are not successful. If we are not clear on what the job is, we can become distracted by tasks that consume our energies, thoughts and emotions. So what is it that must be done? Most importantly we must understand the correct job to be done, as this will open up several ideas to accomplish the task, and will also bring us the ultimate prize a win-win scenario.

Are you really listening to your customers?

Effectively listening to your customers will give them the feeling that they are important; it will also tell them that you are appreciative of their business. Every customer, as much as they may know they are not your only customer, wants to feel like they are. When was the last time you did not want to feel special?

Exceeding Customer Expectations

It is amazing how much time, effort and money is invested in sales education. However, customer service is not given the same level of resources. If you think about selling as a process, the final phase is never “closing” the sale, it is “servicing” the customer. Once you have been awarded a new customer from an effective sales process, it is now a matter of customer service that determines whether or not your customer is going to stay with you.

Call Us Today: 512-671-6711
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