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Coaching Archive

Part 3 of 3: How to Turn Your Presence into LEADER Presence

“How is leader presence any different from normal presence?” My student asked this question immediately after I defined the two elements that make up a first impression; your perceived confidence and your approachability. My student persisted with a follow up question before I could even respond, “I mean, isn’t your presence just these two things, […]

The Best You Can Be

There is no graduation date for a business professional. Success begins with a commitment to continuous improvement and an expectation of accomplishment. Information, combined with Inspiration and Implementation will lead to Improvement. How do you move from knowing to applying? How can you shift from willing to doing? How can you make certain that you are consistently improving your abilities?

Congruent Communication

“The single biggest problem with communication … is the illusion that it has been accomplished.” – George Bernard Shaw Many years ago I played for a coach who used a technique to motivate players through fear.  He would produce this fear by using verbal, visual and vocal communication. His face strained, his face flushed, eyes […]

Where do you want to go?

The mind has the capability to imagine and picture accomplishments as if they had already been achieved. The more focused and detailed your goal, the greater the sense of reality in your mind on achieving certain objectives.

Right Now!

Goals are measurable, precise, have due dates and most importantly, they are communicated. But even having goals alone will not bring your dreams to reality. There is one critical element that must follow, ACTION!

Stressed, me? Do I look Stressed?

With all of the pressures placed on us, it appears that some form of stress will be inevitable for everyone. If you talk to ten people today and ask them each if they have experienced any stress in the past week, my guess is that you will get 10 out of 10 that will say “Yes.” Stress exists because of the pressures applied to us by ourselves, others and by our situation or circumstance. Learn how to manage stress before it manages you!

What’s your name again?

According to a 1998 study at Yale University, the most persuasive word in the English language is a person’s name. When you can remember someone’s name, it establishes a foundation of trust and respect, while making you appear highly knowledgeable and credible. People love the sound of their own name, and hearing it out loud makes people feel comfortable.

More Time – Less Stress

We would all want to have a little extra time in our day. Just some extra time to finish that last proposal, send one more email, spend a little more time with the family or just kick back and relax a little more. While it is not possible to actually ‘create’ time, we can learn better methods for managing the time that we have. How can I put more time back into my day? Learn three methods you can implement immediately to improve your ability to remove tasks from your To Do list.

Fish and Eggs

I think everyone will agree that life is full of mysteries. Is that what we should call them, “mysteries?” or are they just “creative puzzles that have yet to be solved? By searching for solutions that are not immediately obvious or even possible through traditional means, you are practicing lateral thinking. The more cliché nomenclature used today is “thinking outside the box.”

Call Us Today: 512-671-6711
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