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Our Story

Training should not seem like a hit-or-miss adventure. With iSpeak, you can have a high-quality instructor, customized curriculum, and real-world skills delivered every time you attend a class.

iSpeak Loves to Teach

iSpeak Corporate Headquarters

We've all been  students

Everyone at iSpeak has been a student. As former employees of Fortune 500 companies, we noticed that most corporate training had a few things in common: instructors tended to lecture, the content was dense and tedious, the class presented theory with no real-world applications, and it was just plain boring.

Between the instructors and the curriculum, we found ourselves always wanting more from these training workshop experiences. We began to ask ourselves, “Why did training seem like a hit-or-miss adventure? Why can’t we have a high-quality instructor, customized curriculum, and real-world skills delivered every time we attend a class?”

Our challenge

That was our challenge in 1999 when iSpeak, Inc. was founded. We knew we wanted to deliver it all to our students: exceptional instructors, customized curriculum, and real-world skills in every class! Our standards for learning and development were set extremely high, and we refused to compromise on that quality.

Our solution

Since then, iSpeak has established the iSpeak Certified Professional Instructor (iCPI) program to make sure our instructors are outstanding in five key areas before they are allowed to step into an iSpeak workshop.

Our curriculum has to pass some strenuous tests, as well. All of iSpeak’s courses are researched and written by experienced content developers using the iSpeak Four “I” Methodology for Improvement. Our writers have worked in the real world of sales, management, customer service, operations, and marketing. We have first-hand experience in the challenges of these roles. And that knowledge comes in handy when we are customizing content to your industry to make it easier for your team to put their new skills into action quickly.

With our limited scope of classes, iSpeak does not try to be all things to all people. Our core focus on communication in both leadership and sales allows us to specialize in teaching others about our favorite subjects and deliver high impact to your team.

Make a difference

Our mission statement is, “Make a difference” for one simple reason. Everything we do, from our instructors, to the curriculum, to the exercises in class must support our mission to make a difference in the lives of the individuals we teach.

We thank you in advance for the opportunity to help you make a difference.

Call Us Today: 512-671-6711
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