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What does the ā€œiā€ in iSpeak stand for?

The ā€œiā€ stands for four key principles of adult learning theory designed to deliver maximum results: To improve, you must be informed and inspired to implement new knowledge. All iSpeak educational courses are developed with these principles at the foundation.


Delivering the proper information, in manageable doses and with real-world examples will give the information required to improve performance. But information and data alone will not change behavior with maximum results. If that were the case, reading data would be sufficient enough to change all behaviors.


Adult learning theorists consistently point out that a motivated student is more likely to excel beyond their peers who are not motivated. Inspiration and encouragement is required and developed into each iSpeak course.


Many students have left a classroom with new knowledge and are inspired to make changes, but if the new skills are not implemented into the daily routine, they will not affect behavior positively. All iSpeak curriculum contains numerous tools that can be implemented into daily routine immediately. All tools are also made available on the website for alumni students to access pdf versions of the tools after the class.


The final phase of adult learning becomes the desired result of the first three phases. iSpeak courses are designed with pre-assessments, post-class assessments and time-lapse assessments. By sampling the effectiveness of the education well after the class work has been completed, educators and managers can check for the desired results. Selective reinforcement and education needs can be derived from these sampled results.

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Call Us Today: 512-671-6711
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